The Most Powerful Content Marketing Lesson Learned

Jeff Molander hits the nail on the head here… In the last few years, of what’s being called online content marketing, what have we learned? When all the blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, podcasts and YouTube videos have been produced, what can we say we learned, took action on and improved? The single most important lesson learned for …


So you think you can do Social Media Marketing?

I happen to be one of the “out of this world creatures” mentioned in the following article. We’re a rare breed. Read this article, and then call and hire me… by Ana Hussey Everyone can create a business Facebook page.  My friend admitted that her 19 year old neighbor created one for her father’s small business. “It …


SMBs Still Favor Face-to-Face Marketing Tactics

I’ve known it for years, and the following article from MarketingProfs confirms it: small businesses and solo entrepreneurs prefer to develop relationships one-on-one. Why? Two reasons. First, it’s low cost, and sometimes that’s the primary way to grow your business when you don’t have money for mass marketing. Second, it’s all about referrals. Many local …


Pinterest Introduces New Business Accounts

If you are at all visual, you have probably discovered and embraced the social phenomenon that is Pinterest. Part social network and part scrapbook, Pinterest allows users to find and create collections of visual nuggets related to a topic, idea, pattern, need, interest, etc. Endlessly inspiring, Pinterest enables users to express who they are, what …


How Not to Steal People’s Content on the Web

I’m currently working with a lot of people who are catching on to Inbound Marketing and have started blogging from their websites and engaging in social media. So this article from Hubspot on How Not to Steal People’s Content on the Web is especially timely… “Blogs are hotbeds of source attribution issues, probably just due …


11 Ways to Make Social Media Marketing Take Less Time

Social media is a great way to engage your current and potential customers. But as anyone knows who has spent hours or evenings or entire nights chatting on Facebook, pinning new images on Pinterest or keeping up with the multitude of tweets from thousands of interesting tweeters, social media can be a black hole of …


Methods of Acquiring an Email List

Three of the most common ways marketers acquire contact lists to email: 1) Buy a list. You work with a list provider to find and purchase a list of names and email addresses based on demographic and/or psychographic information. For example, you might purchase a list of 5,000 names and email addresses of people with children …

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