This Is Why You Can’t Market Yourself

Based on no research other than existing, I feel it’s safe to say that most people are terrible at marketing, especially when it comes to marketing themselves. By marketing I mean: understanding how to sell something. Of course, it’s no surprise that the majority of people are terrible at marketing themselves. Not everyone is good at …


6 Habits of Remarkably Likeable People

Do people remember you in a positive way after a networking event? Do you sincerely want to get to know people and what makes them tick? Or are you really just looking for the next sale. This article by Jeff Haden published in offers great tips on making a lasting impression when you first …


Pinterest Introduces New Business Accounts

If you are at all visual, you have probably discovered and embraced the social phenomenon that is Pinterest. Part social network and part scrapbook, Pinterest allows users to find and create collections of visual nuggets related to a topic, idea, pattern, need, interest, etc. Endlessly inspiring, Pinterest enables users to express who they are, what …


11 Ways to Make Social Media Marketing Take Less Time

Social media is a great way to engage your current and potential customers. But as anyone knows who has spent hours or evenings or entire nights chatting on Facebook, pinning new images on Pinterest or keeping up with the multitude of tweets from thousands of interesting tweeters, social media can be a black hole of …


15 Things People Hate About Your Website

1) Pop-Up Ads Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Pop-ups are seriously annoying. Yes, a pop-up could get you a few new email subscribers, but is that really worth all the traffic you lose when visitors abandon your site in annoyance? Convert site visitors into leads with well-written content and compelling …


Instagram: Hurry Up With The Android App!

Instagram is boasting nearly 25 million iPhone users – currently is the only mobile platform it supports. They are reportedly in development of an Android app, which could conceivably double the Instagram user community. I, for one, hope they hurry it up. Here’s a good article from Lauren Johnson of Mobile Marketer… The Instagram iPhone …


How to Master Pinterest for B2B Marketing

As you know, Pinterest is THE THING right now. Used primarily by women (so far), Pinterest is a slam dunk for companies selling consumer goods related to fashion, food, arts, crafts, and anything related to home. Pinterest for B2B is more challenging, but is not to be ignored. Here’s a good article from Hubspot that …

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